I wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free.

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    omg did u see that ghost

    When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

    it did

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    Joker without makeup .

    thats really disrespectful.. he was clearly injured in some sort of way may it be war or what have you, he is probably so depressed his face is scarred like this, he has to wake up everyday seeing this his own face, why would you make fun of him like this? fuck off. 


     seriously, anyone who would make fun of this is just fucked up. i actually think he’s still more attractive than like half the guys out there, even with his face like this

     you guys do realize that this literally is the joker without makeup? this is heath ledger in The Dark Knight, in a scene where he’s hiding in a group of policemen.

    oh thats awkward

    Tune in next time for another episode of I Don’t Think You Actually Watched that Movie.

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  • It is very tiring being blamed for every fight. It can’t always be me.

    Sometimes I feel like I care so much about everyone’s feelings and no one cares about mine.

    But I’m just over dramatic.

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    American Horror Story - Freakshow

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    how time flies

    you aged really well

    Pokemon trainers don’t age

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  • "In another life I could have loved you.
    You’d call me yours and I wouldn’t flinch.
    And when you ask me to stay,
    I would.
    I would."